Month: April 2018

Children and Family Law- The tragedy of Parental Alienation.

There is no doubt that a break up of any kind is one of the hardest things any person can go through, when we are faced with the loss of someone who once was a major part of our lives we feel a number of conflicting emotions; we can find ourselves acting in a way… Read more »

How do I change a child’s surname…?

Changing a Child’s Surname You can change a child’s surname by deed poll, but only if you have the consent of everyone with parental responsibility. If consent is not given, you can pursue the matter through the courts. Can I change my child’s surname? There are lots of reasons why you might want to change… Read more »

Grounds for Divorce…?

It has been a very busy first 3 months of the year for divorce and separation, one of the questions that I keep being asked is “Do the grounds for divorce matter…?” Legal jargon is confusing enough and this very basic question should have a simple answer… In actual fact there is only one ground for… Read more »