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Grounds for Divorce…?

It has been a very busy first 3 months of the year for divorce and separation, one of the questions that I keep being asked is “Do the grounds for divorce matter…?” Legal jargon is confusing enough and this very basic question should have a simple answer… In actual fact there is only one ground for… Read more »

Fathers you have rights!

I’m a Father going through a divorce. What rights do I have?  Parental break-ups are followed by child custody disputes. Children and divorce, both, become a complicated concern for a couple who doesn’t feel like continuing a marriage. The UK government has defined laws regarding child custody for both parents. The arrangements for child custody… Read more »

New Year New You – and maybe a Divorce

New Year New You – and maybe a Divorce By Karen Weiner It has to be said January is a miserable month. The excitement of the build up to Christmas and the new year is long gone. The mornings are dark and cold and the nights draw in early. By the time we return to… Read more »