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DIVORCE POST BREXIT For many people starting divorce proceedings, there can be questions as to what country or court has the official power or “jurisdiction” to deal with the proceedings. As with many areas of our day-to-day life, Brexit has had an impact on this! From 1 January 2021 onwards the grounds for “jurisdiction” to… Read more »

Disagreements on vaccinating your child?

COVID vaccinations are now available for over 18s, and it is anticipated this could be expanded to include children by late summer this year. This means those with parental responsibility will need to consider whether or not their child should be vaccinated. Vaccinating children is not compulsory in England, and those with parental responsibility for… Read more »

How does a sudden change of income impact your child maintenance payments?

We are all experiencing the ongoing consequences of the national health pandemic, and many are facing salary cuts and redundancy. If you are a non-resident parent, this may leave you worrying about how to meet your obligation to pay child maintenance. The legal position, and what you can do, depends on how you are currently… Read more »

Arrangements for your child – are you planning to travel abroad this summer?

Many families are currently in the difficult position of deciding whether or not to go abroad this summer. This can be even more difficult for separated parents who may have different ideas on whether this is appropriate and in the children’s best interests, taking on board the on-going COVID-19 concerns. The legal position, subject to… Read more »

What is arbitration and am I eligible for it?

Arbitration: What is arbitration? Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution, and is available in both family financial disputes or child arrangement disputes. The parties enter into an agreement where they appoint a qualified person, the arbitrator, to make a determination in their dispute. The parties agree that the arbitrator’s decision will be binding… Read more »

What is Mediation?

What is mediation? Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution designed to help parties negotiate their dispute in a neutral and amicable environment. A trained mediator will guide both parties through the process by facilitating negotiations and suggesting ways forward, but cannot provide legal advice. Mediation can be useful for many different family situations… Read more »

Pre-nuptial agreements – should you have one?

A “prenuptial agreement” is an agreement made by a couple before they get married, although it is also possible to enter into a “post-nuptial” agreement. A pre-nuptial agreement is designed to set out what would happen to the assets and income of the two parties in the event they separate or divorce in the future…. Read more »

No Fault Divorce – How does it affect you?

“The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill” received Royal Assent on 25 June 2020, having gone through its parliamentary journey following on from many years of campaigning by family lawyers and supporters. This bill is anticipated to reform the divorce and separation process, as it seeks to minimise conflict and hostilities between divorcing couples. Currently, divorcing… Read more »

Financial Help With Your Divorce During Covid-19

During these unsettling times we understand there may be clients seeking a divorce who are put off by the financial implications of starting the process. We understand that  divorce is not a decision that is taken lightly but for many of our clients it may be crucial to their well-being to begin the divorce process… Read more »

What Are Non-Molestation and Occupation Orders?

Non-Molestation Orders: A non-molestation order would prevent a partner, former partner , family member or  someone you used to live with from harming you or your children. You can apply for such an order if you, or a child, are at risk of harm. Once this order is made by the Court, it is a… Read more »