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Key terms in the No-Fault Divorce

Key terms

What is the No-Fault Divorce?

The No-fault Divorce eliminates the need to place fault in one party. This means you and your spouse agree that your marriage is beyond repair. It is a much more straightforward and amicable approach to separation. It removes the previous requirement of establishing facts to prove the irretrievable breakdown which prevents conflict and hostility. The

Key terms in a No Fault Divorce

‘Conditional Order’ this is a document which means that the court does not see any reason why you cannot end your marriage.

‘Final Order’ this is what you will receive when your divorce is finalized.

‘Consent Order’ this is a document submitted to the court detailing both parties financial agreements reached via financial disclosure.

The person submitting the application is now the ‘Applicant’, the person responding to the application is the ‘Respondent’.

Key factors of the no-fault divorce:

  • The no-fault divorce has introduced joint applications; and
  • Removed the ability to contest a divorce, dissolution, or separation.
  • There is now a 20 week minimum period from when the application submitted by the Applicant is made and when the ‘Conditional Order’ can be made.
  • There is a 6 week period between the Conditional Order and when the Final Order can be made.

Our solicitors have the professional expertise and practical experience to lead you through the whole process of completing the Application and all necessary forms in a helpful and practical fashion.

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