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Email Terms

Email Terms

You have been directed to this page so that you are aware of the terms on which emails are sent by and so that you may also obtain the necessary regulatory information relating to such correspondence.

Email terms

Any email, and the information contained within, is confidential between the sender ( or a representative thereof) and the intended recipient. Furthermore, it may be the subject of legal privilege and, being the copyright of the sender, may not be reproduced. Access to the email by anyone other than the intended recipient is unauthorised (save that all inward and outward email may be examined by for security and internal control purposes). If you have received it in error please immediately return the email to the sender and then completely delete it from your computer (from both the Inbox and the Deleted Messages box) so that no record remains. Because e-mails are not completely secure, we accept no responsibility for the content falling into the hands of unauthorised parties. Reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that there are no viruses present in this email, but you should have in place your own virus checking procedures and we do not accept responsibility if a virus has inadvertently been attached of which we had no active knowledge.

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Further information regarding the SRA Code of Conduct is available at: