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Financial Help With Your Divorce During Covid-19

During these unsettling times we understand there may be clients seeking a divorce who are put off by the financial implications of starting the process.

We understand that  divorce is not a decision that is taken lightly but for many of our clients it may be crucial to their well-being to begin the divorce process sooner rather than later.

The family law team at Betteridges would be pleased to speak with you about your options at this very stressful time. You may be eligible for litigation funding loans or payment plans to assist you with meeting legal fees so that you can progress your case.

We wish to reassure you that cases are continuing to progress during the current pandemic, as divorce petitions can be submitted electronically and hearings can be conducted remotely.

Please do contact us today on 03331 212345 or to receive expert legal advice on your situation.

As with most firms, we are largely working remotely to keep our staff and our clients safe but we are fully equipped to deal with your case by telephone / video-link.

We send you and your family our best wishes at this uncertain time.

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