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Good Divorce Week

28 November 2022 to 2 December 2022

This years ‘Good Divorce Week’ is being hosted by Resolution

Resolution’s annual campaign for ‘Good Divorce Week’ seeks to promote amicable divorce and separations. Betteridges Solicitors are proud members of Resolution. This year’s campaign  highlights the crisis of the Family Courts and promotes the use of alternative dispute resolution methods away from Court:

The Family Courts are experiencing huge back logs which has led to significant issues in listing cases and dealing with the administration of cases. This has led to the Court staff being under extreme levels of pressure and client’s feeling incredibly frustrated with the length of time for cases to complete.

The message is if matters can be resolved outside of Court then it will free up Court time to deal with matters in a timely matter. This also prevents significant delays in resolving issues which can lead to tensions building between separating partners.

What is a good divorce?

With many divorces, there are financial issues to be resolved and children of the family to consider. The breakdown of a relationship is an emotionally, physically, and financially draining occurrence. The purpose of promoting amicable relations is to encourage families to try and resolve issues outside of Court which is far less costly and emotionally draining than Court proceedings. If you are able to resolve matters at an early stage it reduces the overall cost and brings closure far quicker than Court proceedings. This allows both parties to close the book on outstanding financial or children matters and begin to move on.


If you and your spouse can agree a financial settlement you will be able to resolve the matter in a cost effective and quicker way.

The process of going to Court is time-consuming, expensive, and unpredictable. If you and your spouse are able to be amicable and work together to reach an agreement you will reduce the time and money spent reaching an agreement. This allows you to be in control of the process without the unknown of Court proceedings and judgments.

If you are able to come to an agreed financial arrangement, this can be recorded by a Court Order. This is done by submitting the Consent Order and a form D81 to the Court. The D81 requires financial disclosure from both parties.

How can I resolve my Finances outside of Court?

Finances can be resolved by;

  • Reaching an agreement with your spouse through direct discussions;
  • Attending mediation who will promote communication and give you a safe space to discuss, negotiate, and reach an agreement;
  • Discussions via solicitors;
  • Attending arbitration. Read more here:

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